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Lauren Dukoff recently shot Joel Courtney, Max Winkler, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Ethan Peck for L’UOMO VOGUE!

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on the set of 7x01 “It Takes a Village.” CM_SetReport

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keeping my excitement in one post

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I know right? Isn’t that funny? It’s crazy! 

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  • Interviewer: You spoke of realism about your character. But an FBI agent at your age, it exists?
  • Gubler: No, not at all! That's the funny thing, that people come to me after watching programs on the police and say "Hey, you do not wear your weapon properly in the series." And I say 'But you pay attention to my weapon! You saw me on the show?' I have shoulder-length hair, a cane... There is no realistic inside. It is a completely fictional character and I like it a lot. It does not exist in reality.
  • Interviewer: It's been six years and you play the same character, that's long! You manage to find ways to continue to make it interesting?
  • Gubler: Yes, always. What I love is that television gives you the opportunity to develop a character over the years. I've done movies where they give me three months to play a character. But on TV, we know the character, the details of his personality, he becomes your best friend a little, so to speak. For me it is very interesting. It is a kind of performance. For eleven months of the year, I see under the identity of another that gives me the impression of being more intelligent in real life for that matter.
  • Interviewer: And then when you go to the restaurant and you're struggling to split the bill, it's hard to live?
  • Gubler: Yes, it's hard! People still expect me to be super smart but I'm not.
  • Interviewer: This is necessary for a dark series?
  • Gubler: Yes, otherwise we would all be crazy! At the same time, it's true that the series is dark but there is a positive side: there are many villains, but we catch them every time. There is always a human side and ultimately optimistic.
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Sexiest blog on tumblr.


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Matthew Gray Gubler on the roof of his old apartment building.


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If you guys want me to make something like a gif or graphic than just ask me, if it’s a gif than please include the video and time frame, and questions cannot contain links now so you can just give me the title of the video or something

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